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Tom started trad climbing with his father at the early age of 9 in Gritstone, Yorkshire, U.K. “My father bought second-hand climbing gear from a colleague of his, and we learned together,” says Tom. “I will always be grateful to him for introducing me to climbing.”

Tom quickly progressed as a climber and competed for many years at the national and European levels, where he went on to win the European Youth Championships. While he enjoyed competitions, he was always drawn to outdoor climbing. This passion has pushed him to travel and discover new sectors.

Currently based in Margalef, a sport climbing paradise, he dedicates his time to equipping and climbing new routes. It was here that Tom managed to send Maya (9a+) for the second ascent after Ramon Julian, and Pink Patatas (9a+), a route he equipped, which was first climbed by Alex Megos.

For Tom, these two routes represent progress. “After 25 years climbing, it is getting harder and harder to improve,” he says, “but at the same time I appreciate it more, and this gives me more motivation for the future!”



José Luis Palao “Primo”

Angie Scarth-Johnson

Eder Lomba

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