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Blakpad EON


We have designed a kneepad that combines comfort, safety and cutting-edge technology to take your climbing to the next level. The innovative patented dynamic adjustment and closure system, allows a quick and easy adjustment, while the non-slip material provides exceptional grip.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and our exclusive tension control system, Blakpad EON adapts perfectly to your leg, providing the support you need in every movement. Whether climbing on rock or indoors, Blakpad EON gives you the confidence to reach new heights.

What's my size?

NBS (New-Gen Buckle System)

A patented design that combines an elastic closure with a quick-release buckle, this system provides a precise and comfortable fit.


Non-slip inner material for a secure fit and optimal knee control, maximizing performance across a range of tensions.zz

What’s my size?

Find your size by measuring the circumference of your leg 7 cm above the kneecap.