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The design and ergonomics of the BLAKPAD-VS make it a unique high-performance kneepad capable of performing in all situations, with excellent freedom of movement. The thigh-hamstring release provides a customizable fit for greater knee control and increased comfort. Durable and lightweight, BLAKPAD-VS is manufactured with non-slip materials that allow a perfect fit and an unbeatable grip. The Elastic Lock closure system makes it easy to adjust or remove the kneepad with just one hand. Easy to store and transport even mid-climb.

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Elastic Lock

High-intensity elastic memory strap with Velcro and counter Velcro closure for ergonomics and comfort.


Non-slip inner material for a secure fit and optimal knee control, maximizing performance across a range of tensions.

What’s my size?

Find your size by measuring the circumference of your leg 7 cm above the kneecap.