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Alejandro Garriga, born in Cuenca, started climbing at the age of 15. Together with friends Alex started climbing in a small climbing wall in his hometown where they spent moments of fun and fanaticism.

Shortly, Alex was introduced to rock climbing. Cuenca is one of the most renowned sport climbing areas in Spain with a great variety of routes of different difficulties. The climbing school became an ideal place for Alex to evolve as a climber and only four years later he managed to send his first two 9th grade routes, ‘El Intento’ and ‘Seta Total’.

Cuenca is undoubtedly his school of reference, but he also enjoys other sectors such as Rodellar, Margalef or Hoyamoros.

To date, ‘Intento’ (9a) together with ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ (9a+) and ‘Zeleputza’ (9a+), are the ‘redpoints’ that have had the greatest impact on Alex, not only because of the quality of the routes, but also because of the effort and dedication he had to invest in them.

For Alex, “the projects that cost the most are the ones that are remembered the most”.



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