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Anak, which means “child” in Indonesian, was born in Belgium in 1996. She started climbing at the early age of four, thanks to her climber parents. “One of the things I enjoyed most back then was putting on my little harness and making huge swings,” she says.

Gradually, her dedication increased and she started to compete in her first national youth competitions when she was 11 years old. She quickly made progress on the wall and became a member of the Belgium National Youth Team in 2010. Two years later she graduated to the open circuit (adults), and soon reached a high level of performance internationally.

Her growth in competition extended outdoors. “Climbing outdoors has always been a big part of my life,” she says, “and I have kept pushing my limits on the rock as well.”

Anak has a track record at the highest level both in competition, accumulating several podium finishes in IFSC World Cups, and in rock climbing, sending routes such as Sweet Neuf (9a+/5.15a), Esclatamasters (9a/5.14d), and Joe Cita (8c+/5.14c).

Beyond climbing, Anak also enjoys being in nature, camping, deep conversations, photography, learning new languages, reading, and her faith.



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