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Seb is a passionate climber from Belgium, and a jack of all trades. On any given day, you could find him in the middle of a bouldering session (he’s sent up to 8B/V13) or projecting lead climbing routes (he has redpointed up to 9a+/5.15a and flashed 8c/5.14b) or even competing (he’s a two-time Belgian lead champion and former national coach). But most of all he enjoys trad and big wall climbing. “What I really love about climbing are all the possibilities that the sport can offer you,” he says. “I could not imagine doing only one discipline of climbing.”

Climbing, nature, travelling, and discovering new places are all a major part of Seb’s life. As such, he is well aware of the impacts of climate change, and has made environmental protection a priority. “If I want the playgrounds we have to remain the same, we need to change the way we live,” he says. “I am not just talking about climbing conditions and friction—our entire lives will change!” With this idea of reducing their impact, Seb and a group of friends recently sailed across the Atlantic to climb in Yosemite and try the famous Dawnwall on El Cap. “I got really close to sending the thing in a push of 23 days, but failed in the crux pitch,” he says, vowing to sail back soon.

“I’ve always liked the adage: ‘Style first’ or ‘style is more important than the performance,’” Seb adds. “The good thing with these words and my pink tights is that if I can’t perform, for whatever the reason, I at least I fail with style. And what is better than failing with style?”



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