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Born in Elda (Alicante), currently in Rodellar, Reme spends most of her time between these two towns.

Reme has always been in contact with the mountains. From a very young age she used to accompany her mother’s family on hikes and her mother to go climbing. “The first time I put on a harness I was very little, but it wasn’t until I was past 20 that I really got completely motivated.”

Climbing has allowed her to travel and climb in many places, always with the purpose of having a good time and exploring new areas with friends. A philosophy and lifestyle that she tries to apply in her day-to-day life.

For Reme, the “Ray Ban” (8a+), Cuenca along with the process of trying Florida (8c), Rodellar are two of the best memories on the wall. Trying Florida (8c), was for Reme much more than a sporting challenge “one of those times that climbing becomes much more than a physical effort, a mental battle”.

Climbing has given Reme a lot, not only her way to have fun and escape, but also to know herself and connect with her memories.



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