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Angie Scarth-Johnson is an Australian/Spanish climber that is currently living in Barcelona.

Angie started Climbing at the age of 7 in Australia. She first started climbing walls and trees around her house until one day her parents took her to a little climbing gym, “I come from a non-climbing background so I completely fell in love with climbing on my own.”

At this time, Climbing was a very new thing in Australia, but she instantly fell in love with it and met some older climbers who took Angie outdoor climbing for the very first time.

Such was Angie’s progress that she become the youngest person in the world to send 8b and 8c. She climbed her first 8b ‘Swingline’ in Red River Gorge (USA) at only 9 years of age and a year later she did ‘Welcome to Tijuana’ 8c in Rodellar, Spain. Since then, Angie has predominantly been a lead climber, although enjoys doing all forms of Climbing.

In recent years, Angie has been dedicated to pushing her physical limits on hard routes. At the age of 17 she did her first 9a and became the first Australian woman to achieve the 9th grade and by 18 climbed 2 more 9a’s.

For Angie, climbing is a lifestyle, “It has taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life and I wouldn’t be myself without it.”



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